Omar Suleiman just announced on state TV:

"President Mohammed Hosni Mubarak has decided to step down as President of Egypt and has assigned the Higher Council of the Armed Forces to lead the nation."

Where Suleiman stands in all of this is hard to say. On the one hand he made the announcement. On the other hand, there was no reference to the constitutional process triggered by a presidential resignation - the parliament speaker taking power for 60 days. Perhaps Suleiman is now functioning merely as one element of the Higher Council of the Armed Forces?

The demonstrators have won - but the exact nature of their victory is still uncertain.


JJ Johnson
11/02/2011 13:04

Wow......That was huge watching Mubarak. Leave with so little blood shed. I am just about in tears with the idea of fair democratic elections in Egypt.

The easier that it gets for someone to log onto a computer and see that they are getting screwed by their leadership. We will see some more countries pulling them selves out of the 1970's. This type of governance any where is on the chopping block.

Next big steps will be keeping the militarism of the country in check.

I do not see a ghost dictatorship like IRAN vs the Shaw back in 1979. Just to many people paying attention.

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